Carro della bruna 2017

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carro della bruna 2017

Matera. Festa della Bruna 2017, presentato l'Auriga del carro

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On July 2, from more than six hundred years, it is for us materani the longest day, exciting and attended of the year. The tradition is rooted in the culture of great and tiny that attend, with ferment, this special day in which they participate with great enthusiasm. Living this experience as tourists is sensational. The magic atmosphere of the city of Matera in this period is amplified in an exponential way. We will be pleased to furnish you all the necessary information to live to the best the party. At sunset, with the lighting at rhythm of music, Vittorio Veneto Plaza will become populated of people, while the Carro Trionfale , defended by over knights in costume, it will unthread in a sumptuous procession up to the Cathedral, to depose the statue of the Virgo Maria. The Party will conclude him with the marvelous fireworks that, from the Murgia, they will illuminate the Sassi of Matera giving a magnificent sight.

The president of Maria SS. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, unitamente al Delegato Arcivescovile don Vincenzo Di Lecce e al Comitato Esecutivo, to inform our citizens that the triumphal chariot made in,,it,It will be exhibited in the premises of the Wagon Factory,,it,located in vico Marconi,,it,in orario antimeridiano,,el,from Monday,,it,see you on Saturday,,it,November p. Hanno assicurato la propria partecipazione Peppino Mitarotonda, progettista e decoratore del manufatto e Michelangelo Pentasuglia, realizzatore delle parti in cartapesta. It is,,it,that will appear schoolchildren and teachers their own greeting and pastoral blessing,,it,thereby,,it,together with the Museums of the Basilicata,,it,It intends to continue the dissemination of the history and tradition of Matera in favor of students,,it,to involve them in active participation in events and exhibitions that can contribute to their cultural background and strengthen the knowledge of the origins of the sacredness and civilization of our community,,it. Continued exposure of the triumphal chariot made for the th anniversary of Italy,,it,In Matera,,it,Piazzetta in the Triumphal Chariot,,it,Marconi enclosure,,es,in days,,it,Wagon will be on display for a free visit,,it,Continued exposure of the Triumphal Chariot,,it.

The president of Maria SS. A,,it,Leo Montemurro,,it,communicates today,,it,It met the Admission Committee of the sketches received under the terms established by the notice of competition for the Triumphal Chariot Year,,it,composed by Dr. The Commission, composta dal dott. Vito Agresti, the professor. Nicola Lisanti e la prof. Bruna, Mimi Andrisani, unitamente al Comitato Esecutivo, announces that on Wednesday,,it,at l ' "Monacelle" company located in Matera,,it,The location Martella,,it,It will be presented to the press Mr. Mimi Andrisani.

Festa della Madonna della Bruna – july 2, 2017

Festa della Bruna 2017. La sintesi di TRM network

The Feast..

The secular party of Madonna della Bruna , protector of the city of Matera , begins with procession "shepherds" with which the old neighborhoods wake up at dawn to greet the Picture of the Virgin , whose passage is announced by barrels pyrotechnic. Meanwhile, Knights , basis of car processional, gather along the streets and in the "neighborhoods". As tradition, the morning of the 2 July the statue of Mary. The statue, accompanied by the Archbishop, will be placed in Cathedral. The wagon is surrounded by "Knights" harnessed horses with paper flowers and velvets, charioteer urging the mules towards the square a few hundred meters, to return to the crowd that had gathered there the symbol of the party.

The partial delivery of the structure of the "Fabbrica del Carro" the Association Mary. Bruna has allowed the return of the massive skeleton of Carro triumphant in the historical site of the square, in vico Marconi a Piccianello. This has fulfilled an undertaking made to the community in that place that recognizes the site-a symbol of tradition and the only deputy to accommodate the construction of the manufactured paper mache by artisans engaged in the long work of creation. The temporary transfer of the skeleton in another place, occurred on 3 July last year, as known, It was necessary to ensure the immediate start of the renovation of the entire complex, thus ensuring, be an adequate and comfortable space for the construction of the wagon. The Association Maria Santissima della Bruna have been granted some space on the ground floor, where the craftsman Andrea Samson and his collaborators will complete the work for the next edition of the festival in honor of the Madonna della Bruna. Despite the restructuring measures are yet in place for a rest area, It will be allowed to open to the public for the traditional tour of presentation of the Chariot to the community, from 23 June July 1 next.

The first exhibition in the Matera Chariot of Bruna of anniversary of the unification of Italy has been a great success, enshrining in fact an extension of Matera's patron saint so loved by foreigners and Matera. In the wake of this new way to experience the festival in honor of Maria SS.






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