Hp usb disk storage format tool

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Best HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Alternatives for Windows

hp usb disk storage format tool

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - Format USB drives - Download Video Previews

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Where would we be without our USB flash drives? What is it and what does it do? Not only does it install and run very smoothly, the interface looks exactly like the standard format which is built into Windows. Big difference huh? This funky piece of software also offers users the option of creating a DOS start-up disk, by either using the internal MS-DOS system files, or the ones located at a specific path. Cool hey?

The formatting tool will work with newer Windows operating systems but results may vary. The program's user interface is frighteningly similar to the format function you may find on Windows XP. It is almost identical right down to the fonts and the colors that are used. Nobody is saying this is a world-beating program but it is a usable formatting option especially if you still use an older computer. Make sure you use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool in safe mode because much of the coding was specifically inserted for older computers and they can cause massive crashes if they are left unchecked on your computer. You must use the format tool in safe mode and try it out on a USB drive first.

USB flash drives are this century's floppies, holding everything from personal and medical information to music and pictures and even secure data, with the added advantage of being small and rugged enough for keychain duty. You can even boot from flash drives, just like the old floppies, which, together with portability, universal compatibility, and enough space to host useful tools, makes them ideal recovery devices. We tested it in Windows 7. This compact tool has an equally compact interface, an efficient little dialog with selections for Device and File system, and an entry field for Volume label, and check boxes for format options, including the ability to create a bootable DOS start-up disk using either internal system files or files at a location you can specify. Other than Start and Close buttons, that's it, not even a Help file, though this tool is easy enough to figure out without one. We chose to reformat it in NTFS and enable compression.

All Windows users surely know by now that there is always more than a single solution to each computer issue, be it software-related or hardware. The same applies when it comes to formatting a disk, as one can rely on the tool integrated in Windows or on a dedicated third-party app. Installing it does not represent a problem whatsoever, since it is very compact and it can be run out-of-the-box, in other words no installation is actually required. The interface of HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool resembles the look of the Windows-integrated utility, thus making it easy for both beginners and experienced individuals to quickly get the hang of things. Users simply need to specify the device they wish to format, select the file system and assign the volume a label, then optionally choose quick format or enable compression. One also has the possibility of creating a DOS start-up disk, by either using the internal MS-DOS system files, or the ones located at a specific path.

Hewlett Packard Free. User rating User Rating 7. You can also make the disk bootable by specifying a file location. The downside is that you may have to run the tool as administrator. We don't have any change log information yet for version 2.

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  1. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a Windows- based format utility. It can format any USB Flash drive in FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file systems.

  2. Formatting seems like the most effective way to fix a USB flash drive that can't be detected or accessed with various errors.

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