Who played apollo creed

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What Does Carl Weathers Think Of 'Creed'? Apollo Creed Is Proud Of His Son

who played apollo creed

Carl Weathers (born January 14, ) is an American actor and former professional football player. He is best known for portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky.


Carl Weathers, former pro-football player with the Los Angeles then Oakland Raiders and the British Columbia Lions — has been a student of champions for most of his adult life. Born on January 14, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Weathers grew up in the ghetto, relying on his athletic prowess to overcome the difficulties of his situation. In , he retired from football to devote himself entirely to his dream of becoming an actor. Like Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers was determined to be at the top of his game, no matter what field he was playing on. His name is Carl Weathers. It was late at night.

In Hollywood, an actor can work steadily and make good money for years, even decades, but all it takes is a single memorable role in a box-office smash to transform them from a vaguely familiar face into a star. The problem sets in when audiences latch onto a performance so strongly that they expect the actor to look, act, and sound the same way in every project from then on out, never taking into account their range as an actor or considering the fact that people look different as they grow older. Carl Weathers is a perfect example of this problem: he became a household name as a result of playing boxer Apollo Creed throughout the first four films of the Rocky franchise, so much so that the average movie fan still sees Weathers in their mind's eye as the man he was in those films. Given that the first Rocky film came out in , if you can cut Weathers some slack for failing to maintain his fighting weight for the last 40 years, then we can help fill in the blanks as to what he's been doing since Ivan Drago took him down in Rocky IV. Here's a hint: he's been hiding in plain sight. If you're laughing right now, it should only be for one of two reasons: 1 you're recalling the Saturday Night Live sketch where Weathers used that phrase in a faux campaign commercial to pitch himself to voters as being just as viable a candidate for governor as his co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, or 2 because you can't believe someone could ever forget that Weathers was in Predator. Granted, it was first and foremost a Schwarzenegger film, but it was a big deal for Weathers at the time, proving he could be a formidable presence on the big screen with or without Stallone—which is likely why he soon found himself headlining his own action film.

Tony Burton, Rocky actor who trained Apollo Creed, dies aged 78

Carl Weathers born January 14, is an American actor and former professional football player. Lions of the Canadian Football League. Weathers was born in New Orleans , Louisiana.

Tony Burton dead: Rocky actor who trained Apollo Creed dies aged 78

Apollo Creed is a fictional character from the Rocky films. He was played by Carl Weathers. He is a tough but agile boxer , who is, as the series begins, the undisputed heavyweight world champion. The character was inspired by the real-life champion Muhammad Ali , having what one author remarked as the same "brash, vocal, [and] theatrical" personality. Protagonist Rocky Balboa , Creed's rival in Rocky and Rocky II , faces underdog odds five-to-one in Rocky II and views Creed with respect, pointedly refusing the prodding of a reporter to " trash talk " against Creed by laconically remarking, "He's great. In Rocky , Creed essentially cleans out his division of serious challengers and magnanimously decides to fight journeyman Balboa for the fan spectacle. Creed had multiple nicknames, including most prominently "The Master of Disaster".

The actor appeared in all seven of the films in the franchise - including a fleeting flashback, using stock footage from an earlier film, in the most recent incarnation Creed. In the later films he became the trainer to Balboa, famously played by Sylvester Stallone, helping him defeat foes such as Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago. The actor - a native of Flint, Michigan - won Flint Golden Gloves light heavyweight titles in and again in , before fighting professionally briefly. Co-star Carl Weathers took to Twitter to pay tribute, writing: ''Sad news. RIP Tony Burton.

Carl, who also played professional football with the NFL's Oakland Raiders, by whom he was drafted in , embarked on his Hollywood film acting career at the time of his retirement from the NFL in Carl got his first parts in two blaxploitation films directed by his longtime friend Arthur Marks: Bucktown and Friday Foster both released in In , Carl auditioned for and was selected for the part of, and starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in the Robert Chartoff - Irwin Winkler film Rocky as Apollo Creed , a role he would reprise in the next three Rocky films in , and T , and Dolph Lundgren for permission to use footage from their appearances in the earlier Rocky movies. T and Dolph Lundgren acquiesced, but Weathers wanted an actual part in the movie, even though his character died in Rocky IV. Stallone refused and Weathers decided not to allow Stallone to use his image for Rocky flashbacks from the previous movies. They instead used footage of a fighter who looks similar to Weathers.

Carl Weathers Biography

The Rocky franchise gets a surprise seventh entry with Creed , a spinoff focused on new character Adonis Creed, the son of Rocky's deceased friend and rival, Apollo Creed. Jordan, who unfortunately never got the chance to know his father, who was famously portrayed by Carl Weathers in the first four Rocky films before the character's emotional death in the ring in Rocky IV. Longtime fans of the series may be disappointed to find out that Weathers was not involved in any way with the making of Creed , but many are still wondering how the legendary '80s action star feels about the offspring of his most iconic character getting his own movie. So, what does Carl Weathers think about Creed? If Weathers has seen Creed , he hasn't revealed his thoughts about it to the media. However, when news of the movie first broke, the actor was not shy about throwing his support behind the film. In an interview with Crave Online in August of last year, Weathers said:.

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He was The cause was complications of pneumonia, Aurelian Burton, his wife of 36 years, said. She said that her husband had been in and out of the hospital recently with various ailments. He later trained Rocky himself. Carl Weathers, the actor who played Apollo Creed, eulogized Mr. Because of his poor health, Mr.


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  1. Apollo Creed August 17, - August 31, is a tough agile heavyweight boxer and former Heavyweight Champion that starts out as an antagonist, followed by transitioning into a deuteragonist in the Rocky Franchise.

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