Block puzzle jewel gratis

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Block Puzzle Jewels

block puzzle jewel gratis

How to Play Block Puzzle Jewel - Free Tetris Game

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The more Jewel Blocks you clear, the higher scores you will obtain. Once you start, you'll never stop! Needs more different shapes, for example, a 'T' shape or an 'L' shape. Just the several now in the game can get pretty boring. Hello Candy, thanks for your careful feedback.

Block Puzzle Jewel is a bright and bold puzzle game that it clearly based on the iconic game of Tetris. As collections of geometrically shaped blocks descend from the top of the screen, players need to determine how best to fit those blocks so that they form lines and clear the screen line by line before it becomes completely full. Trying to match the blocks in Block Puzzle Jewel can often be harder than it seems at first, especially as the levels progress and the speed increases dramatically. In addition to being able to move the blocks from side to side to find the right fit, players also have the chance to rotate them and those who want to be able to make it to the upper levels will need very fast reflexes. While the style and overall game play are likely to look and feel very familiar to many people, Block Puzzle Jewel manages to deliver game play that is very engaging and addictive. While this promises to be a good way to kill a little time, like most free games of this type there are lots of pop-up ads that can be rather frustrating at times. What do you think about Block Puzzle Jewel Do you recommend it?

Get addicted to this dazzling puzzle game Block Puzzle Jewel! With no time limit, enjoy this stimulating and stunning game for as long as you want!
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Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. INC Puzzle. Add to Wishlist. Puzzle Block Jewels is simple yet addictive classic jewels game. The block sin different shapes are waiting for you!

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Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle Jewel Android Games

Block Puzzle Jewel is an addictive, easy to learn game that will have your mind bending and your fingers flying. Drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. The more rows you eliminate at one time, the more score you will be granted. No time limit, you can enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time. No start screen!!!





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  1. The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the.

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